Keeping children safe online

During this time of school closures, students may have increased use of the internet. Heartlands Academy recommends the following resources to support parents in keeping their children safe online. It is essential that parents/carers are monitoring their child’s use of the internet in order to keep them safe.

Keeping Children Safe Online
Heartlands Academy safeguarding guidance for online teaching:
To set up parental controls on your home computers and mobiles then please see this website for advice:
For all the latest on new platforms that students are using such as snapchat, particularly on mobile devices, then please visit:
If you are worried about online sexual abuse, then please contact both the academy and CEOP:
If you are concerned about any cyber-bullying then please contact the head of year, but as a precaution, here is how to take a screenshot: You can also make an anonymous referral via the academy’s TooToot system page:

The UK Safer Internet Centre also has some useful information and can be accessed on:
O2 and the NSPCC have come together to offer some really helpful advice on internet safety:
Some useful advice for parents/carers on internet safety:
Further advice for parents/carers on internet safety:

Please be advised that all academy updates regarding Covid-19 can be found on our website.

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